July 22 All Events

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July 22nd, 2007 (July 22 2007)DeathJarrod Cunningham New Zealand rugby player (born in 1968)
July 22nd, 2007 (July 22 2007)DeathMike Coolbaugh former baseball player and coach (b.1972)
July 22nd, 2007 (July 22 2007)DeathUlrich Muhe, German actor (born in 1953)
July 22nd, 2007 (July 22 2007)DeathRollie Stiles, American baseball player (born in 1906)
July 22nd, 2007 (July 22 2007)DeathLaszlo Kovacs, Hungarian-born cinematographer (born in 1933)
July 22nd, 2006 (July 22 2006)DeathJose Antonio Delgado, Venezuelan mountain climber (born in 1965)
July 22nd, 2006 (July 22 2006)DeathJames E. West, mayor of Spokane, Washington (born in 1950)
July 22nd, 2005 (July 22 2005)EventJean Charles de Menezes is killed by police as the hunt begins for the London Bombers. See 7 July 2005 London bombings and 21 July 2005 London bombings
July 22nd, 2005 (July 22 2005)DeathEugene Record American songwriter and singer (The Chi-Lites) (born in 1940)
July 22nd, 2005 (July 22 2005)DeathJean Charles de Menezes, Brazilian electrician killed by Scotland Yard (born in 1978)
July 22nd, 2004 (July 22 2004)DeathSacha Distel, French singer (born in 1933)
July 22nd, 2004 (July 22 2004)DeathGeorge Kidd, Canadian diplomat (born in 1917)
July 22nd, 2004 (July 22 2004)DeathIllinois Jacquet, American jazz saxophonist (born in 1922)
July 22nd, 2003 (July 22 2003)EventMembers of 101st Airborne of the United States, aided by Special Forces, attack a compound in Iraq, killing Saddam Hussein s sons Uday and Qusay, along with Mustapha Hussein, Qusay s 14-year old son, and a bodyguard.Saddam Hussein Quotes
July 22nd, 2003 (July 22 2003)DeathQusay Hussein, son of Saddam Hussein (born in 1966)Saddam Hussein Quotes
July 22nd, 2003 (July 22 2003)DeathUday Hussein, son of Saddam Hussein (born in 1964)Saddam Hussein Quotes
July 22nd, 2003 (July 22 2003)DeathWahome Muthahi, Kenyan humourist (born in 1954)
July 22nd, 2002 (July 22 2002)EventIsrael assassinates Salah Shahade, the Commander-in-Chief of Hamas s military arm, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, along with 14 civilians.
July 22nd, 2002 (July 22 2002)BirthPrince Felix of Denmark
July 22nd, 2001 (July 22 2001)DeathIndro Montanelli, Italian journalist and historian (born in 1909)
July 22nd, 2000 (July 22 2000)DeathEric Christmas, British actor (born in 1916)
July 22nd, 2000 (July 22 2000)DeathCarmen Martin Gaite, Spanish author (born in 1925)
July 22nd, 2000 (July 22 2000)DeathClaude Sautet, French film director (born in 1924)
July 22nd, 1999 (July 22 1999)EventThe first version of MSN Messenger was released by Microsoft.
July 22nd, 1999 (July 22 1999)DeathGar Samuelson, American musician (Megadeth) (born in 1958)
July 22nd, 1998 (July 22 1998)BirthMadison Pettis, American actress
July 22nd, 1998 (July 22 1998)DeathHermann Prey, German bass-baritone (born in 1929)
July 22nd, 1997 (July 22 1997)EventThe second Blue Water Bridge opens between Port Huron, Michigan and Sarnia, Ontario.
July 22nd, 1997 (July 22 1997)BirthField Cate, American child actor
July 22nd, 1996 (July 22 1996)DeathRob Collins, English musician (The Charlatans) (born in 1956)
July 22nd, 1993 (July 22 1993)BirthBrian Murphy, American actor and singer
July 22nd, 1992 (July 22 1992)EventNear Medellin, Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar escapes from his luxury prison fearing extradition to the United States.
July 22nd, 1992 (July 22 1992)BirthSelena Gomez, American actress
July 22nd, 1992 (July 22 1992)DeathWayne McLaren, portrayed the Marlboro Man (born in 1940)
July 22nd, 1990 (July 22 1990)DeathManuel Puig, Argentinian writer (born in 1932)
July 22nd, 1989 (July 22 1989)DeathMartti Talvela, Finnish bass (born in 1935)
July 22nd, 1988 (July 22 1988)DeathDuane Jones starred as Ben in The 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead
July 22nd, 1985 (July 22 1985)BirthTakudzwa Ngwenya, American rugby player
July 22nd, 1984 (July 22 1984)BirthStewart Downing, English footballer
July 22nd, 1984 (July 22 1984)BirthKinzie Kenner, American pornographic actress
July 22nd, 1983 (July 22 1983)EventMartial law in Poland is officially revoked. Martial Quotes
July 22nd, 1983 (July 22 1983)BirthArsenium, Moldovan singer (O-Zone)
July 22nd, 1983 (July 22 1983)BirthSharni Vinson, Australian actress and model
July 22nd, 1983 (July 22 1983)BirthSteven Jackson, American football player
July 22nd, 1980 (July 22 1980)BirthScott Dixon, New Zealand race car driver
July 22nd, 1980 (July 22 1980)BirthDirk Kuyt, Dutch footballer
July 22nd, 1980 (July 22 1980)BirthKate Ryan, Belgian singer
July 22nd, 1979 (July 22 1979)BirthYadel Marti, Cuban baseball player
July 22nd, 1979 (July 22 1979)DeathSandor Kocsis, Hungarian footballer (born in 1929)
July 22nd, 1978 (July 22 1978)BirthDennis Rommedahl, Danish footballer
July 22nd, 1978 (July 22 1978)BirthMartyn Lee, English radio presenter
July 22nd, 1978 (July 22 1978)BirthA. J. Cook, Canadian actress
July 22nd, 1977 (July 22 1977)EventChinese leader Deng Xiaoping is restored to power. Deng Xiaoping Quotes
July 22nd, 1977 (July 22 1977)BirthGustavo Nery, Brazilian footballer
July 22nd, 1974 (July 22 1974)BirthFranka Potente, German actress
July 22nd, 1974 (July 22 1974)BirthSonija Kwok, Hong Kong actress
July 22nd, 1974 (July 22 1974)DeathWayne Morse, U.S. Senator from Oregon (born in 1900)
July 22nd, 1973 (July 22 1973)BirthDaniel Jones, Australian musician
July 22nd, 1973 (July 22 1973)BirthMike Sweeney, American baseball player
July 22nd, 1973 (July 22 1973)BirthRufus Wainwright, Canadian singerRufus Wainwright Quotes
July 22nd, 1973 (July 22 1973)BirthRonald Ray Howard, American murderer (died in 2005)
July 22nd, 1972 (July 22 1972)BirthKeyshawn Johnson, American football player
July 22nd, 1972 (July 22 1972)BirthColin Ferguson, Canadian actor
July 22nd, 1972 (July 22 1972)BirthSeth Fisher, American comic book artist and penciller (d.2006)
July 22nd, 1971 (July 22 1971)BirthKristine Lilly, American soccer player
July 22nd, 1970 (July 22 1970)BirthJason Becker, American musician
July 22nd, 1970 (July 22 1970)BirthSergei Zubov, Russian ice hockey player
July 22nd, 1970 (July 22 1970)BirthMac McArkly, American voice actor and actor
July 22nd, 1969 (July 22 1969)BirthDespina Vandi, Greek singer
July 22nd, 1968 (July 22 1968)BirthRhys Ifans, Welsh actor
July 22nd, 1968 (July 22 1968)DeathGiovannino Guareschi, Italian journalist (born in 1908)
July 22nd, 1967 (July 22 1967)BirthLauren Booth, British journalist
July 22nd, 1967 (July 22 1967)DeathCarl Sandburg, American poet (born in 1878)
July 22nd, 1966 (July 22 1966)BirthTim Brown, American football player
July 22nd, 1965 (July 22 1965)BirthPatrick Labyorteaux, American actor
July 22nd, 1965 (July 22 1965)BirthShawn Michaels, American professional wrestler
July 22nd, 1964 (July 22 1964)BirthJohn Leguizamo, Colombian actorJohn Leguizamo Quotes
July 22nd, 1964 (July 22 1964)BirthDon Van Natta, Jr., American journalist
July 22nd, 1964 (July 22 1964)BirthDavid Spade, American comedian
July 22nd, 1964 (July 22 1964)BirthAdam Godley, British actor
July 22nd, 1964 (July 22 1964)BirthRafael Addison, American Basketball Player
July 22nd, 1963 (July 22 1963)BirthEmilio Butragueno, Spanish footballer
July 22nd, 1963 (July 22 1963)BirthRob Estes, American actor
July 22nd, 1963 (July 22 1963)BirthEmily Saliers, American singer (Indigo Girls)
July 22nd, 1962 (July 22 1962)EventMariner program: Mariner 1 spacecraft flies erratically several minutes after launch and has to be destroyed.
July 22nd, 1962 (July 22 1962)BirthSteve Albini, writer, recording engineer and musician (Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac)
July 22nd, 1962 (July 22 1962)BirthMartine St. Clair, Quebec singer
July 22nd, 1961 (July 22 1961)BirthKeith Sweat, American singer
July 22nd, 1961 (July 22 1961)BirthCalvin Fish, British racing driver
July 22nd, 1960 (July 22 1960)BirthJon Oliva, American musician (Savatage)
July 22nd, 1958 (July 22 1958)BirthDavid Von Erich, American professional wrestler (died in 1984)
July 22nd, 1958 (July 22 1958)BirthTatsunori Hara, Japanese professional-baseball player and coach
July 22nd, 1958 (July 22 1958)DeathMikhail Zoshchenko, Russian writer (born in 1895)
July 22nd, 1957 (July 22 1957)BirthDave Stieb, American baseball player
July 22nd, 1955 (July 22 1955)BirthWillem Dafoe, American actor
July 22nd, 1954 (July 22 1954)BirthLonette McKee, American actress
July 22nd, 1954 (July 22 1954)BirthAl Di Meola, American guitarist
July 22nd, 1954 (July 22 1954)BirthPierre Lebeau, Canadian actor
July 22nd, 1953 (July 22 1953)BirthJimmy Bruno, American jazz guitarist
July 22nd, 1953 (July 22 1953)BirthSylvia Chang, Taiwanese actress
July 22nd, 1951 (July 22 1951)BirthJ. V. Cain, Football player
July 22nd, 1950 (July 22 1950)DeathWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King, 10th Prime Minister of Canada (born in 1874)William Lyon Mackenzie King Quotes
July 22nd, 1949 (July 22 1949)BirthAlan Menken, American composer
July 22nd, 1949 (July 22 1949)BirthMohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and PM of UAE
July 22nd, 1949 (July 22 1949)BirthLasse Viren, Finnish athlete
July 22nd, 1948 (July 22 1948)BirthS. E. Hinton, American author
July 22nd, 1948 (July 22 1948)BirthOtto Waalkes, German comedian
July 22nd, 1947 (July 22 1947)BirthAlbert Brooks, American comedian
July 22nd, 1947 (July 22 1947)BirthDon Henley, American musician (Eagles)
July 22nd, 1947 (July 22 1947)BirthGilles Duceppe, Quebec politician
July 22nd, 1946 (July 22 1946)EventKing David Hotel bombing: Irgun bombs King David Hotel in Jerusalem, headquarters of the British civil and military administration, killing 90.
July 22nd, 1946 (July 22 1946)BirthDanny Glover, American actor
July 22nd, 1946 (July 22 1946)BirthMireille Mathieu, French singer
July 22nd, 1946 (July 22 1946)BirthStephen M. Wolownik, Russian musician (died in 2000)
July 22nd, 1946 (July 22 1946)BirthPaul Schrader, American film director and screenwriter
July 22nd, 1944 (July 22 1944)EventThe Polish Committee of National Liberation publishes its manifesto, starting the period of Communist rule in Poland
July 22nd, 1944 (July 22 1944)BirthEstelle Bennett, American singer (Ronettes)
July 22nd, 1944 (July 22 1944)BirthRick Davies, British musician (Supertramp)
July 22nd, 1944 (July 22 1944)BirthSparky Lyle, American baseball player
July 22nd, 1944 (July 22 1944)BirthDennis Firestone, Australian racing driver
July 22nd, 1943 (July 22 1943)EventAllied forces capture the Italian city of Palermo.
July 22nd, 1943 (July 22 1943)BirthKay Bailey Hutchison, U.S. Senator from Texas
July 22nd, 1943 (July 22 1943)BirthBobby Sherman, American singer and actor
July 22nd, 1942 (July 22 1942)EventThe United States government begins compulsory civilian gasoline rationing due to the wartime demands.
July 22nd, 1942 (July 22 1942)EventHolocaust: The systematic deportation of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto begins.
July 22nd, 1941 (July 22 1941)BirthRon Turcotte, Canadian jockey
July 22nd, 1940 (July 22 1940)BirthAlex Trebek, Canadian-born game show hostAlex Trebek Quotes
July 22nd, 1940 (July 22 1940)BirthGeorge Clinton, American musicianGeorge Clinton Quotes
July 22nd, 1940 (July 22 1940)BirthJudith Walzer Leavitt, American college professor
July 22nd, 1939 (July 22 1939)BirthGila Almagor, Israeli actress
July 22nd, 1938 (July 22 1938)BirthTerence Stamp, English actor
July 22nd, 1937 (July 22 1937)EventNew Deal: The United States Senate votes down President Franklin D. Roosevelt s proposal to add more justices to the Supreme Court of the United States.
July 22nd, 1937 (July 22 1937)BirthYasuhiro Kojima, wrestler (died in 1999)
July 22nd, 1936 (July 22 1936)BirthTom Robbins, American authorTom Robbins Quotes
July 22nd, 1934 (July 22 1934)EventOutside Chicago s Biograph Theatre, "Public Enemy No. 1" John Dillinger is mortally wounded by FBI agents.
July 22nd, 1934 (July 22 1934)BirthLouise Fletcher, American actress
July 22nd, 1934 (July 22 1934)DeathJohn Dillinger, American bank robber (born in 1903)
July 22nd, 1933 (July 22 1933)EventWiley Post becomes first person to fly solo around the world traveling 15,596 miles in 7 days, 18 hours and 45 minutes.
July 22nd, 1932 (July 22 1932)BirthOscar De la Renta, Dominican-born fashion designer
July 22nd, 1932 (July 22 1932)DeathErrico Malatesta, Italian anarchist (born in 1853)
July 22nd, 1932 (July 22 1932)DeathFlorenz Ziegfeld, theatrical producer (born in 1867)
July 22nd, 1932 (July 22 1932)DeathReginald Fessenden, Canadian inventor and radio pioneer (born in 1866)
July 22nd, 1929 (July 22 1929)BirthJohn Barber, British racing driver
July 22nd, 1928 (July 22 1928)BirthOrson Bean, American film actor
July 22nd, 1924 (July 22 1924)BirthMargaret Whiting, singerMargaret Singer Quotes
July 22nd, 1923 (July 22 1923)BirthBob Dole, American politician
July 22nd, 1923 (July 22 1923)BirthLillian Ellison, American professional wrestler (died in 2007)
July 22nd, 1923 (July 22 1923)BirthMukesh, Indian singer (died in 1976)
July 22nd, 1922 (July 22 1922)DeathJokichi Takamine, Japanese chemist (born in 1854)
July 22nd, 1921 (July 22 1921)BirthWilliam Roth, U.S. Senator (died in 2003)
July 22nd, 1920 (July 22 1920)DeathWilliam Kissam Vanderbilt, member of the Vanderbilt family (born in 1849)
July 22nd, 1918 (July 22 1918)DeathIndra Lal Roy, Indian pilot (born in 1898)
July 22nd, 1916 (July 22 1916)EventIn San Francisco, California, a bomb explodes on Market Street during a Preparedness Day parade killing 10 and injuring 40.
July 22nd, 1916 (July 22 1916)BirthMarcel Cerdan, French boxer (died in 1949)
July 22nd, 1916 (July 22 1916)BirthGino Bianco, Brazilian racing driver (died in 1984)
July 22nd, 1916 (July 22 1916)DeathJames Whitcomb Riley, American author and poet (born in 1849)James Whitcomb Riley Quotes
July 22nd, 1915 (July 22 1915)BirthShaista Suhrawardy Ikramullah, Pakistani politician, diplomat and author. (died in 2000)
July 22nd, 1915 (July 22 1915)DeathSir Sandford Fleming, Canadian engineer and inventor (born in 1827)
July 22nd, 1913 (July 22 1913)BirthGorni Kramer, Italian bandleader (died in 1995)
July 22nd, 1913 (July 22 1913)BirthLicia Albanese, American opera singer
July 22nd, 1908 (July 22 1908)BirthAmy Vanderbilt, American author (died in 1974)
July 22nd, 1908 (July 22 1908)DeathWilliam Randal Cremer, Nobel Peace Prize laureate (born in 1828)
July 22nd, 1907 (July 22 1907)BirthZubir Said, Singaporean composer who composed Singapore s national anthem (died in 1987)
July 22nd, 1905 (July 22 1905)BirthDoc Cramer, American baseball player (died in 1990)
July 22nd, 1904 (July 22 1904)DeathWilson Barrett, English actor (born in 1846)
July 22nd, 1903 (July 22 1903)DeathCassius Marcellus Clay, American emancipationist (born in 1810)
July 22nd, 1902 (July 22 1902)DeathMieczyslaw Halka Ledochowski, Polish Catholic Cardinal (born in 1822)
July 22nd, 1898 (July 22 1898)BirthStephen Vincent Benet, American author (died in 1943)
July 22nd, 1898 (July 22 1898)BirthAlexander Calder, American artist (died in 1976)
July 22nd, 1893 (July 22 1893)BirthKarl Menninger, American psychiatrist (died in 1990)
July 22nd, 1893 (July 22 1893)BirthJesse Haines, American baseball player (died in 1978)
July 22nd, 1890 (July 22 1890)BirthRose Fitzgerald Kennedy, American Kennedy family matriarch (died in 1995)
July 22nd, 1889 (July 22 1889)BirthJames Whale, English film director (died in 1957)
July 22nd, 1888 (July 22 1888)BirthKirk Bryan, American geologist (died in 1950)
July 22nd, 1888 (July 22 1888)BirthSelman Waksman, Ukrainian-born biochemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1973)
July 22nd, 1887 (July 22 1887)BirthGustav Ludwig Hertz, German physicist, Nobel laureate (died in 1975)
July 22nd, 1882 (July 22 1882)BirthEdward Hopper, American painter (died in 1967)Edward Hopper Quotes
July 22nd, 1869 (July 22 1869)DeathJohn A. Roebling, German-American civil engineer (Brooklyn Bridge), (born in 1806)
July 22nd, 1864 (July 22 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of AtlantaOutside of Atlanta, Georgia, Confederate General John Bell Hood leads an unsuccessful attack on Union troops under General William T. Sherman on Bald Hill.
July 22nd, 1864 (July 22 1864)DeathJames B. McPherson, American army general, in the Battle of Atlanta (born in 1828)
July 22nd, 1852 (July 22 1852)DeathAuguste Marmont, French marshal (born in 1774)
July 22nd, 1849 (July 22 1849)BirthEmma Lazarus, American poet (died in 1887)
July 22nd, 1848 (July 22 1848)BirthAdolf Friedrich V, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (died in 1914)
July 22nd, 1844 (July 22 1844)BirthWilliam Archibald Spooner, English priest and scholar (died in 1930)
July 22nd, 1832 (July 22 1832)DeathNapoleon II of France (born in 1811)
July 22nd, 1826 (July 22 1826)DeathGiuseppe Piazzi, Italian astronomer (born in 1746)
July 22nd, 1812 (July 22 1812)EventNapoleonic Wars: Peninsular WarBattle of SalamancaBritish forces led by Arthur Wellesley (later the Duke of Wellington) defeat French troops near Salamanca, Spain.Duke Ellington Quotes
July 22nd, 1805 (July 22 1805)EventNapoleonic Wars: War of the Third CoalitionBattle of Cape FinisterreInconclusive naval action fought between a combined French and Spanish fleets under Admiral Pierre-Charles Villeneuve of Spain and a British fleet under Admiral Robert Calder.
July 22nd, 1802 (July 22 1802)DeathMarie Francois Xavier Bichat, French anatomist (born in 1771)
July 22nd, 1796 (July 22 1796)EventSurveyors of the Connecticut Land Company name an area in Ohio "Cleveland" after Gen. Moses Cleaveland, the superintendent of the surveying party.
July 22nd, 1793 (July 22 1793)EventAlexander Mackenzie reaches the Pacific Ocean becoming the first Euro-American to complete a transcontinental crossing north of Mexico.
July 22nd, 1789 (July 22 1789)DeathJoseph-Francois Foulon, French administrator (born in 1715)
July 22nd, 1784 (July 22 1784)BirthFriedrich Bessel, German mathematician and astronomer (died in 1846)
July 22nd, 1755 (July 22 1755)BirthGaspard de Prony, French mathematician (died in 1839)
July 22nd, 1734 (July 22 1734)DeathPeter King, 1st Baron King, Lord Chancellor of England
July 22nd, 1733 (July 22 1733)BirthMikhail Shcherbatov, Russian philosopher and writer (died in 1790) Philo Quotes
July 22nd, 1726 (July 22 1726)DeathHugh Drysdale, British Colonial Governor of Virginia
July 22nd, 1713 (July 22 1713)BirthJacques-Germain Soufflot, French architect (died in 1780)
July 22nd, 1711 (July 22 1711)BirthGeorg Wilhelm Richmann, Russian physicist (died in 1753)
July 22nd, 1686 (July 22 1686)EventAlbany, New York formally chartered as a municipality by Governor Thomas Dongan
July 22nd, 1676 (July 22 1676)DeathPope Clement X (born in 1590)
July 22nd, 1645 (July 22 1645)DeathGaspar de Guzman y Pimentel, Count-Duke of Olivares, Spanish statesman (born in 1587)
July 22nd, 1621 (July 22 1621)BirthAnthony Ashley-Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury, English politician (died in 1683)
July 22nd, 1619 (July 22 1619)DeathLawrence of Brindisi, Italian monk (born in 1559)
July 22nd, 1587 (July 22 1587)EventColony of Roanoke: A second group of English settlers arrive on Roanoke Island off of North Carolina to re-establish the deserted colony.
July 22nd, 1559 (July 22 1559)BirthLawrence of Brindisi, Italian monk (died in 1619)
July 22nd, 1540 (July 22 1540)DeathJohn Zapolya, King of Hungary
July 22nd, 1535 (July 22 1535)BirthKatarina Stenbock, wife of Gustav I of Sweden (died in 1621)
July 22nd, 1525 (July 22 1525)DeathRichard Wingfield, English diplomat
July 22nd, 1510 (July 22 1510)BirthAlessandro de Medici, Duke of Florence (died in 1537)
July 22nd, 1499 (July 22 1499)EventBattle of DornachThe Swiss decisively defeat the Imperial army of Emperor Maximilian I.
July 22nd, 1484 (July 22 1484)EventBattle of Lochmaben FairA 500-man raiding party led by Alexander Stewart, Duke of Albany and James Douglas, 9th Earl of Douglas defeated by Scots forces loyal to Albany s brother James III of Scotland; Douglas captured.
July 22nd, 1478 (July 22 1478)BirthKing Philip I of Castile (died in 1506)
July 22nd, 1461 (July 22 1461)DeathCharles VII of France (born in 1403)
July 22nd, 1456 (July 22 1456)EventOttoman Wars in Europe: Siege of BelgradeJohn Hunyadi, Regent of Kingdom of Hungary defeats Mehmet II of Ottoman Empire
July 22nd, 1387 (July 22 1387)DeathFranz Ackerman, Flemish statesman (born in 1330)
July 22nd, 1362 (July 22 1362)DeathLouis of Durazzo, Italian soldier (born in 1324)
July 22nd, 1298 (July 22 1298)EventWars of Scottish Independence: Battle of FalkirkKing Edward I of England and his longbowmen defeats William Wallace and his Scottish schiltrons outside the town.William King Quotes
July 22nd, 1210 (July 22 1210)BirthJoan of England, Queen consort of Scotland, wife of Alexander II of Scotland (died in 1238)
July 22nd, 1099 (July 22 1099)EventFirst Crusade: Godfrey of Bouillon elected first Defender of the Holy Sepulchre of The Kingdom of Jerusalem.

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